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An annual event that aims to enhance ocean literacy by inspiring the next generation, spotlighting current fisheries practices, community livelihoods and sustainable alternatives.


Uvuvi Day: Fisheries and Sustainable Livelihoods

Watoto Day: Ocean Festival for Kids


Ocean Literacy Training for Teachers with KMFRI

Photography Course for Youths with TonyWild

Storytelling & Film Course for Youths with NEWF


Interactive puppet performance with local schools and interviews with local mangrove conservation heroes to create an episode for their TV Show

Dive Deeper

This year the festival is going to be bigger than ever!

We are in the fund raising stage of the festival, all aspects are free for the participants and their attendance is sponsored. 

For more details on the festival days and workshops planned learn more in the pdf below. 

Want to Support?

There are many ways to support the festival, if you want to become a partner and sponsor a certain aspect or workshop please contact us.

We also have sponsorship packages to support the festival days.



KCB Paybill Number

Account: 5976043 

LaMCoT Account Number


Bahari Yetu Festival 2023

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The 2023 Bahari Yetu Festival, exceeded all of our expectations. It was the second time we held this annual ocean festival and the turn out was double that of the previous year. There was sponsored attendance of over 360 kids, from 18 schools across 4 islands in the Lamu archipelago. We also provide a space for local conservation and community organisations to

showcase the work they are doing. 


Once the games on the beach were complete everyone made their way to the Sea Suq for lunch and performances. The Lamu Arts & Theatre Alliance performed an interactive play, and the Matata & Friends puppet show had everyone enthralled! The kids amazed us all with their talent show and creative recycled art pieces. Ending the day with prize giving, goody bags and a dhow sail in the channel.

Prizes given included fun activities for the kids such as a snorkelling trip, sunset sail and trip to Takwa Ruins

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Get a glimpse of the first Bahari Yetu Festival 2022. Which attended by over 150 kids from 8 different schools, they are The Next Ocean Ambassadors. There were 12 different stalls showcasing the work of different local organisations focusing on cultural, environmental and historical, they were Representing Bahari Yetu.  The highlight of the day was the fun activities and games, we know everyone loves Mashindano!

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