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Exploring Creativity and Nature: Shella Primary's Art Competition Prize takes them underwater!

Updated: Feb 20

 As part of its mission, LaMCoT actively engages with schools to educate students about environmental and marine conservation practices. Annually, LaMCoT organizes the Bahari Yetu festival, aimed at promoting marine conservation awareness among schools. Last years festival was the biggest yet, with over 360 kids from 18 schools across 4 islands. With the main prize went to the recycled art competition, for this each group had to prepare their art piece around the theme of the festival; Ocean Sustainability, embracing conservation for thriving livelihoods, the pieces the prepared had to be completed at the event itself, and each piece was judged by an esteemed group of Shella residents.

Shella Primary School emerged as the winner of the art competition, earning them a much-anticipated snorkeling excursion. The destination chosen for this educational adventure was Kiweni, near Manda Toto, a marine conservancy set up by LaMCoT in 2008, renowned for its pristine snorkeling spots and breathtaking ocean scenery.

Preparations for the excursion were meticulous, ensuring that the children had the necessary gear for a safe and enjoyable experience. Setting sail on a traditional dhow boat added an element of excitement to the journey, with the children eagerly anticipating their arrival at Manda Toto Island. En route, Mr. Famau,, seized the opportunity to impart valuable lessons about the importance of mangrove conservation. As the children marvelled at the picturesque mangrove forests, they gained insight into the vital role these ecosystems play in preserving coastal biodiversity.

Upon reaching their destination, the children wasted no time in diving into the crystal-clear waters, eager to explore the wonders of the underwater world. Equipped with snorkelling gear, they were treated to mesmerising sights of vibrant coral reefs, colourful fish, and fascinating sea creatures, enriching their understanding of marine ecosystems firsthand.

The snorkelling excursion served multiple purposes, including rewarding the winning team, providing educational opportunities, fostering a spirit of adventure, and instilling the importance of preserving marine ecosystems sustainably. Capturing the essence of this memorable day, media personnel ensured that photos were taken, not only to preserve cherished memories but also to serve as educational resources for environmental clubs in schools.

"In essence, the snorkelling excursion organised by LaMCoT for Shella Primary School exemplified the organisation's commitment to marine conservation education, leaving a lasting impact on the children and empowering them to become stewards of our precious oceans." - Eunice, LaMCoT

We are looking forward to undertaking the other excursions for events won at the festival, and even more so looking forward to holding the festival itself in October this year!

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