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Waste Management

Through door to door and beach collections we gather

800kg per day

288 Tonnes per year

There is a global increase of rubbish that is generated in day to day life as well as that that makes its way to our ocean and travel vast distance on currents,,  especially plastic waste. The collection and management of this waste is an important aspect of keeping a pristine environment. 

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Within Shella Village and along the beach we manage daily rubbish collection and clean ups in partnership with the Shella Environment Group (SERG), which was also established by our founders Lars & Carol Korschen. The main aspect of this initiative is daily collection from households and business n Shella village, along with street cleaning. This daily collection provides job for Lamu youth with the aid of donkeys. All waste is collected at Kijitoni where it is sorted; natural waste for composting and donkey food, recyclable plastic waste which is taken to Flip Flopi to be recycled into boats and furniture and other waste which can be burnt in our incinerator.

We also participate & support local clean up groups in Lamu town and we want to inspire other village and grow our waste collection archipelago wide..

Watch our film on Waste Management in Lamu below.

Beach Clean Ups

We hold  daily beach collection through SERG beach patrols as well as regular beach clean ups on Shella and Takwa Beach. These clean ups include Lamu and Manda communities involving villages, schools, women groups, youth groups and our environmental kindensss clubs. This ensures a clean and safe environment marine life and for turtle that nest and hatch along these beaches. It also reduces waste that reached the ocean as well as collecting the waste that came from afar and may go back to the currents that carried it to our shores.. 

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