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Our Story

In 1992 the rate of decline in turtle numbers was so extreme that Carol Korschen at Peponi Hotel decided to set up a project whereby the community were encouraged to protect turtles rather than catch them or take their eggs to eat. The project has seen incredible results and has expanded hugely since then.​ We seek to develop a holistic system based approach to the conservation and management of the endangered turtle population in Lamu. 


The Lamu Marine Conservation Trust is a registered Community Based Organisation (CBO) based in the Lamu Archipelago. The conservation of turtles remains at the heart of our mission however over the years LaMCoT has expanded to encompass a number of projects from environmental education, community development, community coral conservancies, eco-tourism, income generating activities and waste management. LaMCoT is a community run organisation and it is vital that the community members feel ownership for the success of our activities.

If you want to read more about LaMCoTs story check out this blog post

We run all our projects through funding and sponsorship,

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Our Mission

To sustain a community based approach to the conservation and protection of Lamu’s marine environment and the threatened turtle population for its future generations.

Thanks to Our Partners

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