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Kiweni Conservancy

Our first locally managed marine area, set up in 2008 in partner ship with the local community, to protect an important marine habitat and improve fishing in the surrounding area.

After working hard to protect Turtles at the surface, we decided it was vital to continue that protection under the waves,  this was done through the creation of the Kiweni conservancy. The Kiweni Reef sits between Pate and Manda Toto Islands, it is a long coral reef surrounded by seagrass meadows and a fringing mangrove forest, making it an ideal fish nursery and turtle habitat. 


Illegal fishing practices such as drag netting and aquarium fishing, as well as broken coral from boat anchors was really damaging this eco-system. To protect this important habitat a Locally Managed Marine Area (LMMA) was set up in 2008 by local stakeholders, encouraged by the Late Prof Shekuwe and the LaMCoT team, with the help of Fisheries and WWF. Since then mooring lines were placed for boats to anchor to and the area was made a no take zone. This has allowed the nursery to thrive and spill off for the surrounding communities. 

Kiweni is popular snorkelling site that attracts many visitors, providing business for the local community who arrange day trips there either by dhow or speed boat. Visitors explorer the beautiful reef, while linch is prepared for them on board. Conservancy fees are then collected and divided among the Pate BMUs (Beach Management Units) as compensation for those who used to fish there. 

Being a shallow reef, it is a wonderful site for snorkelers of all level of experience making it an ideal site to bring our environmental kindness clubs on excursions. 

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