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Matondoni School Win a Sunset Sail

Matondoni school enjoyed a magical sunset sail as their prize for coming second in the recycled art competition at last years Bahari Yetu Festival.

During the festival, several schools showcased their projects and initiatives focused on marine conservation, highlighting the creativity and dedication of the young generation in safeguarding our marine ecosystems. As part of the festivities, LaMCOT organized a series of competitions, with some schools emerging as winners and earning the opportunity for an exciting excursion along Lamu's picturesque coastline.

Matondoni school made an inspiring piece of recycled art that depicted clean ocean verses dirty ocean and the impact that has on the environment. Using styrofoam to show the two different scenes, they then created little flip flip fish, recycled dhows and even added plants. Of the 18 schools that attended the festival, 9 schools participated in the art competition. All entrys were admirable and very creative, fitting around the theme of the festival, Ocean Sustainability.

The first-place school embarked on a thrilling snorkeling excursion to Manda Toto, immersing themselves in the vibrant underwater world of coral reefs and marine life. Witnessing the colorful fish and diverse marine species firsthand left the children in awe, deepening their appreciation for the beauty and importance of our oceans.

Meanwhile, the second-place school set sail for Matondoni, where they enjoyed a magical sunset cruise. As the gentle sea breeze kissed their cheeks, the children marveled at the breathtaking views of the horizon, eagerly scanning the waters for signs of marine life. To their delight, they were treated to the sight of dolphins gracefully swimming alongside the boat, a truly unforgettable experience that left smiles plastered on their faces. We would like to give a big thank you to the Cabanas for supporting us and donating their beautiful dhow for this excursion!

The excursion provided not only an opportunity for adventure but also a valuable educational experience, allowing the students to connect with nature and learn about the importance of marine conservation firsthand. As they soaked in the beauty of Lamu's coastline, the children gained a deeper understanding of the delicate balance of life within our oceans and the crucial role they play in protecting it for future generations.

LaMCoT's Bahari Yetu Festival and the accompanying excursions not only fostered a sense of environmental stewardship among the youth but also created lasting memories of joy and wonder. As the children returned home with hearts full of gratitude and minds buzzing with newfound knowledge, they carried with them the spirit of conservation, ready to be ambassadors for our oceans and champions for a sustainable future.

Through initiatives like the Bahari Yetu Festival, LaMCoT continues to inspire and empower the next generation of environmental leaders, paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow for Lamu's coastal communities and marine ecosystems.

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