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Kasa Ngozi -The Leatherback Turtle in Lamu Coastal waters

The leatherback turtle is the least tagged turtle, with no recorded nests in Lamu.

Yes, because it is critically endangered.

In January 2015, we had the first tagging of a Leatherback Turtle in Lamu, they are the largest of all turtles. Leatherback Turtles have rarely been seen nesting in Kenya, they do pass through our waters and are often found deeper. Typically turtles dive up to depths of 175m whereas Leatherbacks can dive over 1,000m and stay under for up to 85 mins!

Fisheries related interactions are the major cause of turtles stranding in our coastal water. Thanks to LaMCoT, since 1997, fishermen have been in the forefront helping our in and outshore based turtle monitoring program. We have done this through environmental education programs with the people of Lamu. Also through our clean up programmes LaMCoT has been actively protecting turtles from plastic pollution. Leatherback turtles confuse plastic debris with Jellyfish, since this type of turtle feeds exclusively on jellyfish.

Next time you see plastic! Please keep it away from the ocean and the Leatherbacks by recycling it or reuse it or dispose of it responsibly.

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1 Comment

Jun 21, 2022

2015 is a long time to see a leatherback turtle. I hope humans come to understand that animals in the ocean have a right to live too; In a clean and secure environment!

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