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Launching 'Kasa' - Let the excursions begin!

This week was a very exciting day for the LaMCoT team, as we launched our new boat 'Kasa', turtle in Swahili. We would like to give a big thank you to Tusk for sponsoring this boat, and the launch coincided with our visit for some very special member of the Tusk team. Very fittingly, Kasa's virgin voyage took the Tusk and LaMCoT team to visit to Takwa beach for a turtle nest hatching, blessing for the ocean for what's to come!

There are so many exciting plans and opportunities that this vessel will provided us. Along with the excursions to the turtle nesting site on Tawka, Kasa will also be running school excursions for our environmental kindness club groups. We have 13 schools across 3 islands in the archipelago involved in these groups, and having this boat will give us the reach to include more schools on other islands. We visit at least one school a week to address different environmental issues and success stories as well as to introduce some of the great conservation projects in Lamu. Our aim is to arrange trips to different projects working on subjects which we touch on during our weekly school visits. We can take a group of up to 21 kids to visit mangrove restoration projects, our bee hive projects, the turtle hatching beach, for beach clean up trips, to the marine protected area to learn how to snorkel and see the underwater world. We will be sharing all these excursions and more through our blog and social media channels, stay tuned!

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