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Unleashing Self-aware & Dynamic Leadership

I was privileged to join the 2nd Cohort of the African Marine Leadership Conservation Leadership Program from Kenya, representing the Lamu Marine Conservation Trust together with my Colleague Elke Korschen. “ Self realisation in a progressive leadership journey is fundamental and indispensable indeed ,” we noted.

“The programme has changed our leadership styles and made us more self-aware. It has also revealed the personal strength within our selves, acquiring more skills and freshly adjusted our mindset within the teamwork sphere and the collaboration continuum.’’

Our cohort of 18 senior leaders from community-based organisations across Mozambique, Kenya, and Tanzania joined the programme from April 2023 to July this year 2024. The program involved online courses cemented by three in-person, week-long workshops to foster connections, build peer-to-peer support, and enable leaders to put lessons into practice.

The way Maliasili tailored the programme is amazing; they deployed best approaches with relevant techniques and strategies from all the three main levels of the programme;

Leading Self - Helping leaders understand their approach, leading style, strengths and behaviours that shape their attitudes and leadership style.

Leading Organizations - Empowering leaders with the skills and competence to engage, motivate and inspire their teams to build strong organizations that fulfil their mission, ensure team satisfaction and deliver excellent performance. 

Leading Collaborations - Fostering a leader’s ability to collaborate within the broader system that their organisations operate within, such as working between multiple different actors and interests, including government, donors, partners and more.

The flow of the three levels were so connected for the sole purpose of maximum impact and the end result is to foster partnerships moving forward for a greater impact across countries that are connected by the Indoan Ocean. Unleashing the African potential in the marine leadership space is actual and real. There is so much we need to be connected globally for a maximum impact. We pray that one day this programme will scale up to reach other parts of the African countries and eventually be a global Icon of positive change in marine conservation leadership.

We are now part of the African Conservation Leadership Network ACLN, which provides a great opportunity for local organisation to build and foster effective collaborations and partnership beyond their organisations and to the broader systems and contexts where they deliver services.

We all have individual leadership styles, and each matters.

Our sincere appreciation to the faciltators; Maliasili,

the program supporters Blue Ventures, all donors and all participants


written by Atwaa Salim

LaMCoT Program Coordinator

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