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A Call For Partnership

Photo courtesy of East African Ocean Explorers

The Lamu Marine Conservation Trust (LaMCoT) organization, in partnership with the Lamu Beach Management Unit (BMU) stakeholders, have initiated a discussion on community-based marine resource management to improve and achieve a sustainable livelihood for fisheries communities, strengthen their governance system, and restore the oceans important marine life habitats.

LaMCoT funded by Tusk Trust conducted a scientific coral reef and fish survey with researchers from CORDIO at Kiweni, Tenewi, and Kinyika fishing sites, to access the status of the coral reefs and the fisheries resources in relation to fishing activity and climate change threats.

Photo courtesy of East African Ocean Explorers

Recently, LaMCoT, co-funded by the Lamu Environment Foundation, brought together 10 Lamu BMUs to discuss setting up the Kinyika fishing ground as a co-managed marine area. During this discussion results from the scientific surveys and lesson learnt from Kiweni coral reef conservancy were shared. Followed by a focus group discussion with the BMUs community members on resource mapping, threats, opportunities, and their role in fisheries management, to improve their understanding on the need for a co-managed marine area at Kinyika fishing ground.

LaMCoT is seeking partnership to take the discussion further to the implementation of the project management plans, monitoring, and adaptive management through funding, training, support and mentorship.

Our ocean is a vital part of life on this planet as we know it, and the effects of humanity are already being seen across the globe. Over fishing is an issue in the forefront for coastal communities, such as Lamu, who rely off the ocean for livelihoods and sustenance. Community led initiatives such as this can help replenish fish stocks to sustain the locals that need them.

Photo courtesy of East African Ocean Explorers

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