Our Projects

-LaMCot Have 4 thematic programming areas; Turtle protection (Tag, Sponsor & release ; and nest
protection); Education & awareness; Alternative Livelihoods; and waste collection &management.​

- Our work is tofocus on protecting the critically endangered sea turtles and marine ecosystems by supporting them.


1. Turtle & Nest Protection

- We involve local fishermen, community members, sponsors and supporters in our turtle

and nest protection programs.
       -Through the by catch program local fishermen get incentives for turtles accidentally caught in

              nets. Well wishers and sponsors adopt the turtles and donate to the Project. Turtles are then

tagged and released back to the water.
- Nest sponsorship also sustains turtle protection efforts.
- Carry out regular/daily beach patrols; we have beach patrollers who monitor, protect turtle
nests, and oversee turtle hatching in Shella and Manda beaches, as well as keeping ears and
eyes on the ground on any turtle exploitation/poaching activity
                           - Regular beach clean ups; ensure a clean and safe environment for turtle nesting and hatching. Free from waste, especially plastic waste
 - Concerted community outreach and sensitization efforts on the message of turtle protection
      - Also implement alternative, ecofriendly and sustainable income generating activities in place
of turtle exploitation and poaching; turtle hatching trips and Kiweni community coral
conservation project; which brings in income through snorkeling trips from visitors

Env Club at the htachling Takwa
Env Club at the htachling Takwa

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Env Club at the htachling Takwa
Env Club at the htachling Takwa

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 Key Statistics

1.Over 4,500 sea turtles tagged, sponsored and released back safely into
the ocean since LaMCoT’s inception in 1997.
2.819 out the total 903 nests hatched with the remaining 84 nests spoilt
and eaten by hyenas, poached by humans, washed away by spring tides
and currents.
3.So far, since inception, the project has recorded a total no. of 91,669
successfully hatched baby turtles out of the total laid 101,447 i.e. a
successful hatching rate of 90.4%

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2. Education & Community Awareness

3. Resilient & Sustainable Live-hoods

4. Waste Collection & Management