Resilient & Sustainable Livelihoods

                          Alternative environmentally friendly and sustainable income generating activities...

(i) Manda Toto Conservancy
             - Manda Toto island is one of Lamu Archipelago’s coralreefs richly endowed area
- Buoys have been put in the snorkeling area to prevent breaking of corals;
      - Being a prime breeding area, a fishing ban has been put in place using Paté
            and Shanga villages as the protectors; community conservation has resulted
in direct benefit to local surrounding community (income generation,
through snorkeling trips and activities)

(ii) The Bee Brooding Project
                 - The bee project currently consists of six hives; unfortunate cases of vandalism in the past.
- Ongoing set up of additional ones to reach a total of 20 beehives.

- Project location has beenidentified in Manda Yawi

(iii) The Camel Project
         - Camels used to be a common means of transport on the island years ago. But not anymore.
- We have reintroduced them for a couple of reasons; first garbage collection
during beach clean ups;
- Secondly an income generating idea for the local community (tourist rides
packages- sunset rides by the dunes and such like);and
- As a means of transport for the more remote villages on Lamu Island.