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January 04 | Lamcot's Kikapu

HAPPY HEALTHY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: LaMCoT’s kikapu. A with no format collective & inclusive random updates from our PR & Communication Dept. Proudly sharing randomly the fruits of our labors from what we have put into our world of conversation specifically along side Lamu Archipelago , not only in conserving, but also protecting, cleaning, educating, empowering and much more, striving to our vision of Protecting the environment for ourselves and our future generation.

We deeply first apologize for our an alerted silence on our blog, but as newly begun 2018 is here, and for sure we have a lot this year to show case as we walk together with all our families & partners in crime throughout the years of productive partnership doing what we believe by the efforts of everybody the world can be a better place for us & ours.

LaMCoT’s kikapu.. is our 2018 newly blog post platform added to add more updates to our amazing LaMCoT families on what has been going on , what is going on and an insights about what we have in our to do list in a most free, fun, friendly, interactive, creative and most of all informative lamunian islander way..

Engaging youth in conservation is one of our main LaMCoT’s agendas, and now that we have young LaMCoT’s team , and we are dedicated to take conservation as close as to every local communities, through empowering youth & local communities; understanding about environment & conservation, taking ownership, being part the love that our environment cry for.

LaMCoT’s kikapu, is an ideal blog post especially for our youth, cause we believe through the incredible internet, social media platforms now we can share, engage, learn, have fun, carry the message, educate, empower, touch lives, motivate, inspire and most of all give back to our amazing world, cause it’s definitely need my & your love.

Big thanks to, Peponi Hotel, donors, Hill-Christ Int School, Samira & kids, and all our amazing family & friends, communities, LaMCoT team, partners, well wisher, not to forget our amazing guests, all turtle adapters form joining or conservation journey for ourselves & our future generation. We are very positive about 2018, we have a lot in stock, it gonna be a fun year, lots of strengthening the living projects, set up few creative new projects, beat the records of all times, get communities engaged, more interactive schools education programs, using art for conservation, income generating project for sustainability, coming up with inviting volunteerism kit, delivering the best to our scope & figuring how to expand the scope in future, exchange programs, speeding our wings of networking, pop up shop, creatively bringing fun element to the hard work of conservation.. cause its realistically not easy good work.

Together we’re making waves..

We love & value each one of you & yours.


Blog: LaMCoT latest Blog Post. Context & Photography: #Hakimwashella2018. Date posted: 4th Jan 2018

A Happy Turles Making It First Walk To The Indian Ocean At The End Year's Lamcot Dec 2017 Turtule Hatching (Takwa-Manda Island)