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February 06 | Taking Notes... Early 2018

We had some serious fun closing Dec. It was Maulid time! Lots of bright colors everywhere, the Arabian’ qaswida’ and the Maulid ceremonies in every neighborhood, donkey races, Lamu & Mozambique Dhow races, traditional dances, not to mention the weather has been perfect… windy, waves keep roaring at Takwa rocks & open sea, clear Indian ocean everywhere, white clean sandy beaches , the best eastern monsoon wind blowing Lamunian sails, cruises inside peaceful mangroves and all that exotic island lay back life style…..

But let me tell you what ?!!LaMCoT’s team is ever at pace pulling wires & strings in shaping LaMCoT 2018 Let me tell you, “...this is the year of action…” Famau (our Field Officer) told the team.

It has been a busy start to 2018, we energetically kicked off 2018 with some serious, objective, interactive, creative, educative and most of all a fun LaMCoT 2018 School Education programs, we managed to visit, Neema Mararani Nursery School, Bright Girls Sec School, and Manda Maweni Primary School, believe you me we not only we had fun, but we did very objective & interactive orientations with kids & teachers, brainstorming sessions also with kids & teachers, and guess!!!!! what brilliant ideas from kids, teachers,LaMCoT team, communities, friends, neighbors, wagani (guests in Swahili) regarding the School Education Program; like introducing art, recycle projects, music for conservation, magazine, You Tube Chanel, Documentaries, School Book Clubs etc all these as platforms to promote, empower, & educate the community on conservation. As we speak we are excited to realize and adapt some if not all ideas with our amazing school kids from scratch with the overall efforts of the amazing passionate LaMCoT team with the directions of our humble leaders Carol & Atwaa whom their theme has always been “Educate & Empower to make waves..” so that theme has always been the noise at the background of all what we do as LaMCoT

We also have good news at #LaMCoT2018 for all the amazing volunteers out there whom would want to join LaMCoT in making the waves of conservation in 2018, let me tell you beautiful people….... it’s gonna be fun year, listen to this we wont chose for you!!! NO! you have lots of projects to choose from depending on your passion & profession; from happy turtles project, to the Bee Project, to the Camel Project, to the School Education Program,to the Green Belt Movement, to Information & Community Awareness program, and Manda Toto Conservancy, we believe we are blessed to be working in one of the most beautiful natures & Ecosystems in the world, with some of the most authentic communities, and working saving some of the most noble endangered spices in the world, and that is why for these reasons i chose to work with LaMCoT…“Hakim our (PR & Communications) said with a smile, so we even excited for you beautiful rafiki to be blessed to get privilege to explore Lamu in a pure Lamunian style with 24/7.. and still give back, make a wave, make & be the history.

We are ready to rock the rocking Indian Ocean our boat (AlMiftah) our boat’s name means (THE KEY) in Arabic, its spacious, clean, with one of the most experienced captain in the village Cpt. Afaan he doesn’t speak good English but he makes us laugh all the time.. Meet again our Program Assistance young fresh passionate Sara who she is always on top of it with technical work ..“wachana na yeye jo!!!..” Nairobian sheng mean (leave her alone..).. Shout out to all supporters on social media platforms, we feel your love & support all the time, keep doing it PLEASE cause when you keep doing it, even the happy turtles of Lamu feels your love & support… and they say hello by the way..

Really have to wind up, its 2:41am, i haven’t slept and i promise to help someone work at 4am..

LaMCoT is really sending love from love from Lamu, Happy Turtles are giving you a kiss, and our beautiful communities are telling you “Asanteni na Karibuni LaMCoT na Lamu…” Hakim Our (PR & Communications) was TAKING NOTES for you all beautiful people on behalf of LaMCoT’s team, family, friends & Communities.

Together we’re making waves…

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