Education & Community Awareness

1.Total of 8 schools currently & actively under our education program:- Neema Mararani Nursery sch, Shella,Matondoni, Kipungani, Manda Maweni & Ama primary schools; Kijani Int. School and Shella Bright Girls’ Sec.School
2.Regular weekly school visits/PACE lessons/PHE story cards with environmental and peace clubs members through the school calendar year.
3.We also project films, TED animations, PPTs on environmental conservation.
4.Topics such as turtle facts, history & movement; marine life-flora, fauna; clean renewable energy; climate change; water; plastic waste, recycling; sanitation & hygiene practices (hand washing); sustainable resource use etc.
5.Field trips & excursions; turtle hatching , beach clean ups, snorkeling trips, swimming fun days, tree planting,with school children
6.Community meetings, conversations and engagement forums with fishermen,women/youth groups andother community members on sustainable marine ecosystems and gains of biodiversity,responsible resilient livelihoods and businesses, effects of plastic waste