About LaMCot

-Lamu Marine Conservation Trust is a registered CBO based in Lamu Island.
- Our work focuses on protecting the critically endangered sea turtles and marine ecosystems
supporting them.
- Have 4 thematic programming areas; Turtle protection (Tag, Sponsor & release ; and nest
protection); Education & awareness; Alternative Livelihoods; and waste collection &
- Through different types of education we get children and adults excited about conserving their
local environments. Also show them ways that conservation can be a part of their economic
livelihood and way of life.
- For about 25 years now, LaMCoT has been a part of the Lamu Community. Community
members feel ownership for the success of our activities, and thanks to them we’ve been able to
operate for as long as we have.

                                  -Through our partnership with the UK based Tusk Trust,LaMCot sponsors eight environmental club involving about 200 Children who study marine conservation issues every week.

                   -Sponsorship and donation help us continue to patrol  and protect the sea turtle nests,and most                                              importantly,expand our educational outreach.sea turtle are food traditional food on the Kenyan Coast.if these turtle are to survive,its crucial that youngers resident if the archipelago understand their plight. 

The Turtle Project

The back bone of LamCoT is turtle conservation. In 1992 the rate of decline in turtle numbers was so extreme that Carol Korschen at Peponi Hotel decided to set up a project whereby the community were encouraged to protect turtles rather than kill them or take their eggs. The project has seen incredible results and has expanded hugely since then.

Ex poachers now patrol Shella Beach and Takwa Beach, Manda to prevent the illegal poaching of eggs and mark out new nest sites and monitor them until hatching.

Using a grant from Tusk, local fishermen are paid incentives (depending on the size of the turtle) to bring in turtles caught in their nets to be measured, treated for any health problems, tagged and released.

Collaborating with KESCOM and Tusk Trust

LamCoT works under the umbrella organization Kenya Sea Turtle Conservation Committee, KESCOM, collaborating with all turtle conservation groups up and down the Kenya Coast. Data collected on nesting, releasing, mortality and further activities concerning sustainability of biodiversity and ecosystem is sent to (KESCOM) and Tusk Trust together with the annual reports.

The turtle project has inspired leaders in the community to take it upon themselves to create awareness through the wider community and to establish a greater understanding and more sustainable use of the islands’ resources